Mediation Services For Law Firms

I am certified mediator and skilled attorney Thomas Repicky, an attorney and mediator who enjoys significant achievements in the courtroom and at the mediation table. Over the past 36-plus years, I have privately mediated in excess of 1000 cases, averaging a 90 percent settlement rate. I have also tried more than 50 high-profile cases throughout Ohio.

The mediation process is both complicated and customized. All participants come to the talks with unique points of view.

Helping You At Every Phase Of A Complicated Process

Before two parties agree on the outcome of mediation, they must agree on the parameters of the negotiations. Finding a time and place is important as both parties need time to complete the mediation summary and the Confidential Mediation Preparation Form.

In regards to the location, we can use one of three conference centers we have access to throughout Cleveland or the offices of the legal counsel participating in the process.

Information Is Power To Find Resolution To Complex Disputes

Prior to the start of formal mediation, I encourage all parties to submit a short mediation statement, confidential mediation preparation form, and any other material necessary to get the process started. I review that information, particularly noting the need for special arrangements.

I am a lawyer who does not employ a "cookie cutter" approach to mediation. Different approaches and strategies must be employed to maximize the effectiveness of the mediation. Please know that both sides and their counsel will be given every opportunity to discuss their claims and objectives. As we move closer to common ground, we schedule additional caucuses and sessions with various participants.

With a 90 percent success rate, I go into mediation services with confidence that we can find resolution. Your negotiations will be looked upon with the same level of confidence. Should we come to an agreement, we will ensure that everything is handled with high standards of confidentiality.

For more information, fill out my online intake form or call my Cleveland office at 440-247-3898.